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About is a celebration of Asian life in the UK. As a community site we aim to write articles that will enlighten, entertain or amuse, and hope to provide useful tools and services too.

Our simple motto "all the curry and more!" encapsulates our outlook. Food is often a great unifier of different races - so much so - that Chicken Tikka Masala rates as this nation's favourite dish!

But if you are an Asian living here, it is about more than your last samosa or curry. Almost everyone we know has a story to tell. About living a "dual" existence; about mixed marriages, arranged marriages or failed marriages; filial responsibility, family ties, racial prejudice, violence, intolerance, inequality and life's struggle.

Fortunately, Asians are now succeeding in the UK more than ever before. The mass immigration of the earlier years may have seen Asians corner the "corner-shop" market, but the new generation are a totally different force. In all walks of life, from Arts & Entertainment to Politics and the City, Asians are emerging as strong leaders, successful entrepreneurs and wealth creators.

Social integration and acceptability may lead you think that issues about colour, race, religion and origin no longer apply. And yet, at, we feel that this is the time to not only reflect on the past, but to celebrate success and more importantly, enjoy being DIFFERENT.

By bringing you UK-centric Asian news, view and reviews in a digestible online magazine (and email) format we hope that you'll spend a moment browsing and enjoying who you really are.

Lopa Patel (Mrs)
Managing Director (Editor)



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