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8th April 2003

The MS Society has just published an Urdu version of its booklet 'Just Diagnosed' for people with MS.The Multiple Sclerosis Society has produced an Urdu version of its recently published booklet 'Just Diagnosed' to help all those coming to terms with most common disabling neurological conditions striking young adults in the western world. There are estimated to be around 85,000 people with MS in the UK - about one in every 700 people. Every year 2,500 new diagnoses are made, approximately 30% of which from among Ethnic minority communities.

MS is an unpredictable and variable condition caused by scarring to the myelin sheath which effects the nerve fibres in the brain and spinal cord. The 16-page booklet ''Just diagnosed: an introduction to MS' answers the questions people with MS told the Society they had asked at the time of their own diagnosis.

It starts by explaining what we know about MS, how it affects different people in different ways and how diagnosis is made. It then describes the very varied symptoms of the condition, what treatments are available and how to help manage life with MS. Sources of professional help and information are included.

Muike O'Donovan, Chief Executive of The Multiple Sclerosis SocietyMike O'Donovan, chief executive of the MS Society, said "At the time of diagnosis it may be quite hard to take in information and advice. We wanted to make it easily accessible to Urdu speakers affected by MS living in the UK". The booklet available free of charge on written request from MS Society Publications, PO BOX 142, Bedford MK42 0FA.

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