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   News -> Amitabh Bachchan ready to help Tsunami victims  
NEWS 2004

UNICEF reuniting children with families (12/04)

Bollywood wants to help tsunami victims (12/04)

Brits love their neighbours, new survey shows (12/04)

Amitabh ready to help tsunami victims (12/04)

Celebrities lend support to tsunami victims (12/04)

HFB launches Disaster Relief Taskforce (12/04)

Tsunami survivors flood camps in India (12/04)

Children suffering in relief camps (12/04)

UNICEF aid flights to disaster zone (12/04)

The struggle to reach remote Maldivian Islands (12/04)

Landmines risk after flooding in Sri Lanka (12/04)

DEC launches Tsunami Earthquake Appeal (12/04)

United Nations aids Asian tsunami survivors (12/04)

UNICEF calls for urgent aid for Asian Quake Victims

Children account for one third of victims (12/04)

Asia Quake appeal launched by Worldvision (12/04)

Asian Quake - Tsunamis hit South Asia (12/04)

HFB seeks religious hate crime monitoring (12/04)

Mahima urges fans to kick the meat habit (12/04)

Muslim Scholar's USA Visa Revoked (12/04)

Morris Inquiry calls for modernisation of MPS

HFB supports Neasden Mandir & VHP (12/04)

Mayor appoints Muslim Human Rights Adviser

Redbridge celebrates 4th Community Awards (12/04)

Engineers can now speak 100 languages (12/04)

Hiding Women is backward says Musharraf (12/04)

Amitabh Bachchan appointed Ambassador by Nelson Mandela (12/04)

Honey Kalaria awarded a Doctorate (11/04)

CAB welcome new Equality Commission (11/04)

A Better Life for disadvantaged Asians?

Attacks on Bangladeshi Hindus condemned (11/04)

Vanishing Herds Ball raises £25K for Wildlife (11/04)

Wreath laying for South Asian Volunteers (11/04)

OBV Councillor Shadowing Scheme launched (11/04)

Barnardo's wins at British Diversity Awards (10/04)

Raghav helps NSPCC protect Asian kids (10/04)

New measures to end Forced Marriages (10/04)

Baldev Singh wins top Teaching Award (10/04)

Amitabh Bachchan - 'Hottest Vegetarian Alive' (10/04)

Civil Service numbers up, but diversity is OK (10/04)

CRE Chair breaks first fast of Ramadan (10/04)

Hindu Forum welcomes more ethnic judges (10/04)

Ofcom warned not to ignore race (10/04)

Charity Commission wants to hear from Asians (10/04)

Indian VSO Volunteer heads overseas (01/04)

Asian Youth debate Media, Career & Charity (09/04)

Michael Howard: Getting A Grip on Asylum (09/04)

Asian Elders facing a bleak future (09/04)

Asian Magistrate for Leicester (09/04)

'Stop Busharraf' campaign launched (09/04)

Dyke awarded for "hideously white" remark (09/04)

Amisha decries Zoos as 'Pitiful Prisons' (09/04)

UK Asian Soccer Championship 2004

More ethnic teachers needed says Mayor (09/04)

Morris Inquiry publishes MPS Survey Results (09/04)

CAB appeal for more Ethnic Volunteers (09/04)

Looking for the next generation? (09/04)

Queen's Awards 2005 for Voluntary Service (08/04)

PETA - 'Who is the hottest vegetarian alive?' (08/04)

Home Office Awards Grant to Hindu Forum (08/04)

93-Year-Old Fauja Singh in new PETA Advert (08/04)

Hindu Communities shocked by Judges Ruling (08/04)

'Mind the Gap!' TimeBank Volunteer Initiative (08/04)

Gloucestershire Asian Project Awarded (07/04)

CRE Survey shows little integration in the UK (07/04)

'Wings of Hope' plans to fight illiteracy (07/04)

Imran Khan is an Asian Jewel (07/04)

Sideline extremists says Home Secretary (07/04)

Rani runs 'Emerald Isle Mile' for Sports Relief (07/04)

Stop & Search used against British Muslims (07/04)

Beacon hunts for Asian Charity Heroes (07/04)

Indian cowgirl to join nude protest in Spain (06/04)

Sunrise Radio shines at Radio Awards (06/04)

Asian Headmaster wins Teaching Award (06/04)

Nagra's role as Olympic Torch bearer (06/04)

Windrush Achievement Awards 2004 (06/04)

India mourns death of Yash Johar (06/04)

Labour befriends Indian Women (06/04)

OBE for Shere Khan CEO, Nighat Awan (06/04)

Muslim girl loses case to wear jilbab to school (06/04)

CRE to take legal action against Police (06/04)

Violence over Bollywood film 'Girlfriend' (06/04)

Met recruits 2000th ethnic minority officer (06/04)

Morris Inquiry to quiz 43,00 Police Officers (06/04)

Queen's Awards for Asian Community Heroes (06/04)

Anoushka wants cruelty to chickens to stop (06/04)

AWA Awards 2004 - Winners (05/04)

Hindu Forum supported by major political parties (05/04)

EMMA Awards 2004 run into controversy (05/04)

Zaha Hadid - First Woman to receive Pritzker Architecture Prize (05/04)

New Research on BME Architecture Students (05/04)

Jack Straw on The 'South Asian Dynamic' (05/04)

Charles Clarke launches Citizenship Project (05/04)

Asians form a coalition against BNP (05/04)

UK Call Centre Industry set to grow (05/04)

Royal Society - Asian Role Models in Science (05/04)

Roshni - A ray of light for abuse victims (05/04)

Asian Jewel Awards 2004 - Midlands Winners (04/04)

Pakistani woman reaches the North Pole (04/04)

EMMA Awards 2004 Finalists (04/04)

Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2004 - Finalists (04/04)

Measures to tackle Marriage Immigration Abuse (04/04)

Senior Civil Service more diverse now (04/04)

London launch of new Magistrates Scheme (04/04)

Britain's Leading South Asian Women (04/04)

First Asian Woman Magistrate (04/04)

Des Browne appointed as Minister for Immigration

CRE gives special voice to British Muslims (04/04)

PETA takes Indian Government to Court (04/04)

Black presenter sacked for being "too intellectual"

Asian Rich List 2004

Sir Bill Morris rebuffs Inquiry misreporting (03/04)

Tories attempt to embrace multi-ethnic Britain (03/04)

Immigration Overhaul Announced (03/04)

Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB) launched (03/04)

Windrush Awards 2004 - nominations sought (03/04)

IT workers want more work-life support (03/04)

GR8 Asian Women Achievers (03/04)

Kamlesh Bahl v The Law Society - Round 3 (03/04)

Ethnic Students improve at GCSE/GNVQ (02/04)

Government claims victory over Asylum fall (02/04)

British & Norwegians discuss Sri Lanka (02/04)

Jemima Khan calls on UK to honour its promises (02/04)

UNICEF apologises to Hindus & Sikhs (02/04)

Mayor hosts conference on French hijab ban (02/04)

Asian Jewel Awards 2004 - Northern Winners (02/04)

British Foreign Secretary to visit India (02/04)

Diversity expert delivers landmark lecture (02/04)

Progress towards full Visa service in Pakistan (02/04)

Mayor condemns ban of the hijab (02/04)

New deal on Immigration Offenders (01/04)

Teaching Awards 2004 - last call (01/04)

MORI Poll shows few trust ethnic diversity (01/04)

As featured on News Now

By Subhash K. Jha, Indo-Asian News Service
(30 December 2004)

Amitabh BachchanIndian superstar Amitabh Bachchan, moved by the human tragedy unfolding in the aftermath of Sunday's tsunami, says he would love to do whatever he can to help."Whatever is expected from me, whatever the government wants me to do, I'm ready to do, no question about that," says Amitabh. Expressing grief and concern over the destruction and death, Amitabh, says, "It's so painful and such a tragedy.... To see the visuals of loss and grief on television is extremely painful."

He speaks on behalf of Bollywood when he expresses his concern. "I'm forced to switch off my television. It's an unbelievable disaster. We mourn for those who're affected and pray for those who have recovered and lost dear ones. On a humanitarian level we're here to do whatever we can."

He says he would love to come forward with his colleagues to help the victims. "Every time there's a calamity the film industry comes forward to help. I've been reading and hearing some comments this time to the effect that the assistance provided doesn't reach the right quarters.

"There should be a monitoring agency to make sure that the relief reaches the distressed. Suddenly we've scores of voluntary agencies coming up. We don't know if they're all authentic and what's the sphere of their functioning. How do we know our good intentions are reaching those who need our help?

"The only foolproof way is to personally go to the affected areas and start distributing food and clothes. That isn't possible.

"So. yes, we can put in money. But I repeat, we need a monitoring agency. One solution is to have a corporate head designated to monitor movement of all relief. Thereafter the industry would feel more secure about where our efforts are going."


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