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Business News 2009
Business News->Blueprints for Business: A proven route to success
Atul Pathak
Blueprints for Business: A proven route to success
Tuesday 24 February 2009, 18.15-21.00
British Library Conference Centre
96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB
Tel: +44 (0)20 7412 7454
Tickets: £10.00 (concessions £7.50)
Book online at

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur in search of an idea? Have you launched a business and want to expand? Are you a budding entrepreneur seeking to build a venture based on a proven formula? Are you, in short, looking for your own blueprint for business success? 'Blueprints for Business' is an opportunity to hear from four highly successful entrepreneurs who have built personal and business success on the back of franchising.

On the panel will be:

Toni Mascolo OBE, the genius behind Toni & Guy is one of Britain's greatest and most successful entrepreneurs. Starting with one salon in 1963, he has built probably the world's most successful high-street hairdresser brand. While the model for his business's incredible expansion has been franchising, it is also, he insists, 'a family thing'.

Sophie Atkinson is managing director of Autosmart, the car-cleaning firm that was crowned "Franchise of the Year" in 2008. Autosmart has more than 250 profitable franchisees in the UK, Europe and Australia. Sophie joined the Litchfield-based business after a stint in consultancy, and led a management buyout of the firm in 2004.

Atul Pathak is one of the UK's most successful franchise entrepreneurs, who set up his first McDonald's franchise in 2003 and today runs a ten-strong, and growing, restaurant group. A pioneer with the McDonald's formula, Atul has trialled initiatives such as introducing a Halal menu into his Southall restaurant.

Jamal Hirani is the chief executive and founder of the Indian restaurant chain Tiffinbites and a rising star of the London food scene. He started his career as a Marks & Spencer underwear buyer. Today his 'fast-food' business feeds more than 250,000 people a week, many receiving their lunchtime 'tiffin box' of delicious Indian food.


Matthew Rock is founder-editor of Real Business, the UK’s leading magazine for entrepreneurs. He is a founder of Caspian Publishing, the £10m-turnover media business and a respected media commentator on entrepreneurial

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