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Books -> The Asian Bridal Look Book
The Asian Bridal Look Book

By Naveeda & Nina Haider
Published on 11 January 2005
Publisher: Sweet Lyall
160 pages
ISBN: 1902544064
Rating: flameflameflameflameflame(5 flames)
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By Lopa Patel
Rating: flameflameflameflameflame(5 flames)

I can't reccommend this book highly enough. With page after page of the most gorgeous looks complete with annotations of make-up colours and hair products used, this is what all would-be brides have been waiting for. Although it doesn't show you how to achieve the hair styles, you can just show your stylist the look you want and they'll be able to copy it.

And copying from make-up artists, Naveeda and Nina Haider - true mistresses of their art - is really what its about. I think the authors have explored all colour palettes under the spectrum - from nude, through the whites and silvers to the richly textured maroons and mochas. It's just fab.

The other advantage is that by copying a look to match the colour of your outfit, bridesmaids, sisters, mothers, aunts and even grannies can all look fantastic without detracting from the stunning beauty of the bride. Almost makes me want to get married again!


'The Asian Bridal Look Book' is the first ever beauty style guide for looking good on your wedding day. British Asian brides across the country, will for the first time have a colourful and easy two-step guide to finding a gorgeous look that will complement their entire bridal style. World renowned make-up artist Ruby Hammer, was so impressed with the book that she penned it's foreword, describing it as, "a godsend, not only to brides, but also for all Asian women who need occasion make-up in their lives."

The Asian Bridal Look Book shows you how to achieve this Classic Bridal Look.High praise, but justified, for what is set to become the biggest milestone in Asian bridal beauty since the invention of kohl. Its been specifically designed for every woman who is preparing for her special day and illustrates all types of make-up and hair designs to suit all types of weddings. So whether you choose a traditional or contemporary dress there is a make-up and hair look that?s right for you.

The premise of the book is based on a simple two-step plan:

1) Choose a page with the colour of your outfit on it and opposite you?ll find a classic or contemporary make-up look to complement it.

2) Once you have your ideal made up face then choose from over 30 hairstyles to complete your very own vision of bridal beauty.

The authors, Naveeda and Nina Haider, who are two of the most sought after Asian celebrity make-up artists in the UK, have created the hair and make-up designs exclusively for the book.

Nina HaiderNina Haider has worked for everyone from Chanel to Christian Dior and was the name on Shobna Gulati's lips when her character Sunita, was getting married in what was Corrie's biggest storyline of this year. Her co-author Naveeda, is the one name that every Asian Editor wants in their magazine when they have a top celebrity or magazine cover to shoot. Her portfolio ranges from celebrities such as Footballers Wives' star Laila Rouass to international royalty.

Naveeda HaiderNaveeda says, "this is a very special book, because it gives every bride out there the opportunity to make sure they get it right on their big day. I deal with nervous brides all the time who are worried about what they're going to look like in their wedding photos, not just on the day but in ten years time when they look back on them. So we've made it easy for all brides to look great." The book is published on 11 January 2005, priced at £12.99.

Click here to buy this book today!

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