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Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen by Anjali Pathak, out 26th February 2015
Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen by Anjali PathakAnjali Pathak grew up understanding that spices were magical ingredients and quickly learnt that just a few could transform a simple dish into something extraordinary. Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen, published in hardcover on 26th February 2015, takes its inspiration from the recipes that Anjali learnt from her famous family in a beautiful collection of authentic Indian dishes and modern creations that are perfect for all cooks. read more read more

Anni Dewani: A Father's Story by Vinod Hindocha and Shekhar Bhatia
Anni Dewani: A Father's Story by Vinod Hindocha and Shekhar Bhatia On November 13, 2010 while on honeymoon in South Africa, newly-weds Shrien and Anni Dewani, from Bristol, were kidnapped at gunpoint in Gugulethu, a township near Cape Town. Shrien was released unharmed by his kidnappers, but only a few hours later Anni's body was found in the back seat of the taxi she had been travelling in. She had been shot in the neck. As the news broke, Anni's loving family were faced with the horrific reality of the loss of their beloved daughter in such brutal circumstances. read more
Alpesh Patel's 'Simple Strategies of Highly Effective Traders' Book Launch
Alpesh Patel's 'Simple Strategies of Highly Effective Traders' Book LaunchAshok Vaswani, CEO of Personal and Corporate Banking at Barclays Bank Plc, hosted a book launch for 'Simple Strategies of Highly Effective Traders' by Alpesh Patel and Paresh Kiri on Thursday 29th January 2015 at the bank's Canary Wharf headquarters in London for over a hundred guests. The book represents the sixteenth book written by Alpesh Patel and the second book Alpesh has co-written with Paresh Kiri, an FSA regulated investment manager. read more
Jhumpa Lahiri wins the $50,000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2015
Jhumpa Lahiri wins the $50,000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2015 Jhumpa Lahiri was announced as the winner of the $50,000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2015 for her book The Lowland. The US $50,000 DSC Prize along with a trophy was awarded by Vijay Seshadri, the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry at the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival on 22nd January 2015. Jury chair Keki N. Daruwalla said, “The Lowland a superb novel written in restrained prose." read more
Book launch fit for 'Sophia' an Indian princess, suffragette and revolutionary!
Author Anita Anand and Alexander Pringle of Bloomsbury Publishing at the launch of 'Sophia: Princess, Sufragette and Revolutionary'.Bloomsbury Publishing hosted a launch party for Anita Anand's book 'Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary' at Daunt bookshop in Marylebone High Street, London on Wednesday 14th January 2015. Published to coincide with the film 'Suffragette', starring Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter, the launch party was packed with authors, feminists, friends and journalists. The biography of Sophia Duleep Singh reveals the story of the dispossessed Princess and society darling turned revolutionary. read more
Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary by Anita Anand, out 15th January 2015
Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary by Anita AnandIn 1876 Sophia Duleep Singh was born into royalty. Her father, Maharajah Duleep Singh, was heir to the Kingdom of the Sikhs, a realm that stretched from the lush Kashmir Valley to the craggy foothills of the Khyber Pass and included the mighty cities of Lahore and Peshawar. It was a territory irresistible to the British, who plundered everything, including the fabled Koh-I-Noor diamond. 'Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary' by Anita Anand is the story of an extraordinary woman and her part in the defining moments of recent British Indian history. read more read more
Asylum and Exile: The Hidden Voices of London by Bidisha, out 15th Dec 2014
Asylum and Exile: The Hidden Voices of London by BidishaAsylum and Exile is the result of several months of personal outreach to refugees and asylum seekers that goes behind the headlines to reveal the humanity, tragedy, and bravery of the individuals who have left everything behind to seek sanctuary from violence in the UK. Bidisha offers moving stories of refugees who have fled war, violent persecution, or civil unrest in countries as diverse as Syria, Somalia and Sierra Leone. read more read more
Beyond the Border: New Writing by British Asian Women, out 28th November 2014
Beyond the Border: New Writing by British Asian WomenAn anxious new mother contemplates life without the baby; a young bride watches the love of her life walk away on her wedding day; a boy receives a surprise birthday gift; two neighbours come together for lunch... Here is an anthology of thirteen wonderfully original and diverse short stories - surprising, delightful, moving, and thought provoking. Be prepared for the unexpected with new writing from British Asian women featuring some of the sharpest writing from new and emerging Asian writers. read more read more
The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer: A Bombay Story 1 by Laxmi Hariharan, out 5th Nov
The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer: A Bombay Story 1 by Laxmi HariharanWhen Ruby Iyer's best friend is kidnapped by the despotic Dr Kamini Braganza, she will do anything to rescue him. Anything, including taking the help of the reticent Vikram Roy, a mysterious cop-turned-rogue on a mission to save Bombay. The city needs all the help it can get, and these two are the only thing standing between its total destruction by Dr Braganza's teen army. As Bombay falls apart around them, will Ruby be able to save her friend and the city? read more read more
Aasif Mandvi Memoir - No Land's Man, published 4th November 2014
Aasif Mandvi Memoirs - No Land's Man: A Perilous Journey Through Romance, Islam, and BrunchIf you're an Indo-Muslim-British-American actor who has spent more time in bars than mosques over the past few decades, turns out it's a little tough to explain who you are or where you are from. In No Land's Man Aasif Mandvi explores this and other conundrums through stories about his family, ambition, desire, and culture that range from dealing with his brunch-obsessed father, to improbably becoming America's favorite Brown doctor! read more read more
The Book Of Gold Leaves by Mirza Waheed, out 30th October 2014
The Book Of Gold Leaves by Mirza Waheed.Mirza Waheed's novel The Book of Gold Leaves is set in war-torn Kashmir and is an age-old tale of love, war, temptation, duty and choice. In an ancient house in Srinagar, Faiz paints exquisite Papier Mache pencil boxes for tourists. Evening is beginning to slip into night when he sets off for the shrine. There he finds the woman with the long black hair. Roohi is prostrate before her God. She begs for the boy of her dreams to come and take her away. read more read more
Bombay Blues by Tanuja Desai Hidier, out 26th August 2014
Bombay Blues by Tanuja Desai HidierDimple Lala thought that growing up would give her all the answers, but instead she has more questions than ever. Her boyfriend is distant, her classmates are predictable, and a blue mood has settled around the edges of everything she does.Tanuja Desai Hidier’s Born Confused gave voice to a new multicultural generation. Now, Bombay Blues explores everything this generation faces today, with a heady mix of uncertainty and determination, despair, haunting loss and love. read more read more
In Love With Death by Satish Modi, published 1st May 2014
In Love With Death by Satish ModiDeath is the inevitable fate of every single person on earth. How do we accept the inevitability of our own death? How do we live our lives with meaning? Will money lead us to happiness? Satish Modi examines these questions is a moving, powerful, thought-provoking work based on his own reflections as well as the experiences of people from all walks of life. The result is a fascinating book that teaches us that whatever our aspirations in this life, it is important for each of us to accept our own passing. read more read more
A God in Every Stone by Kamila Shamsie, published 10th April 2014
A God in Every Stone by Kamila ShamsieJuly 1914. Young Englishwoman Vivian Rose Spencer is running up a mountainside in an ancient land, surrounded by figs and cypresses. Soon she will discover the Temple of Zeus, the call of adventure, and the ecstasy of love. Thousands of miles away a twenty-year old Pathan, Qayyum Gul, is learning about brotherhood and loyalty in the British Indian army. A powerful story of friendship, injustice, love and betrayal, A God in Every Stone carries you across the globe. read more read more
Nurturing the Nation: The Asian Contribution to the NHS since 1948
Nurturing the Nation: The Asian Contribution to the NHS since 1948In 2010 the Department of Health commissioned equality think tank The Runnymede Trust to document the contribution made by people of Asian descent to the NHS since its inception in 1948. The result is the book ‘Nurturing the Nation’ which provides information on the migration journeys and working lives of 40 NHS staff, all of Asian descent, who came to the UK from various parts of the world. read more read more
The Calcutta Chromosome by Amitav GhoshI was recently asked to list books, by South Asian Authors, which I thought would make great films. In typical fashion, this request has now become the subject of the latest article on 'Editor's Hot Picks'. I present you this list of 'Books that would make Great Films' as my personal favourites only. I have not chosen every great book that I have enjoyed, merely the ones that I believe can translate in cinematic success. read more read more
REDHOTCURRY.COM GUIDE TO THE BEST JEWELLERY BOOKS Guide to the best Jewellery Books.Overview of the some of the hottest books on diamonds, gems, precious stones and the jewellery of Asia including 'Jewelry of South East Asia' by Ann Richter, 'Treasury of the World: Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals' by Manuel Keene, 'Christie's Guide to Jewellery' by Sarah Hue Williams and 'Great Diamonds of India' by Monisha Bhardwaj. read more read more
REDHOTCURRY.COM GUIDE TO THE BEST MEHNDI BOOKS Guide to the Best Mehndi Books.A comprehensive review of some of the most useful and practical Mehndi books available, ideal for novices and advanced artists alike. This review features: 'The Art of Mehndi' by Sumita Batra, 'Mehndi - The Timeless Art of Henna Painting' by Loretta Roome, 'Mehndi - Body Painting Kit' by Zaynab Mira, 'Henna Body Art' by Mark Smith, 'Mehndi' by Carine Fabius and 'Henna Body Painting' Sabine Kuhne. read more read more
Bollywood, The Indian Cinema Story by Nasreen Munni KabirRead our overview of some of the hottest Bollywood Books, ranging from the Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema by Ashish Rajadhyaksha, Bollyood - The Indian Cinema Story by Nasreen Munni Kabir, Bollywood Cinema by Vijay Mishra, Bollywood Pocket Essentials by Ashok Banker to Bollywood Boy by Justine Hardy and Balham to Bollywood by Chris England. read more read more
More Book News

Anni Dewani: A Father's Story by Vinod Hindocha and Shekhar Bhatia (02/15)
Alpesh Patel's 'Simple Strategies of Highly Effective Traders' Book Launch (01/15)
Jhumpa Lahiri wins the $50,000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2015
Book launch fit for 'Sophia' an Indian princess, suffragette and revolutionary! (01/15)
5 shortlisted authors in contention for the coveted $50,000 DSC Literature Prize 2015
Longlist Announced For The DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2015
Neel Mukherjee's 'The Lives of Others' longlisted for the Booker Prize 2014
'Punjab 2.1: Searching for Punjabiyat' in two lands, 31st May 2014
Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival: 6th - 21st May 2014
Indian Journalists' Association lauds Hollywood film producer Ashok Amritraj
Dr Pushpita Awasthi and Dr Vijay Mehta win Vatayan Poetry Awards 2013
Asian Britain: A Photographic History by Susheila Nasta & Florian Stadtler, out 7th Oct 2013
South Asian Literature Festival: 23rd October - 1st November 2013
The Asian Writer launches two new writing competitions (09/13)
An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions by Jean Dreze & Amartya Sen, out 4 July
Rare Gandhi autograph to be auctioned at the London Antiquarian Book Fair
Brain tumour brings young writer Imran Siddiq to life
Asia House Festival of Asian Literature: 7th - 22nd May 2013
Ritu Sethi launches 'A Woman's Guide to Having it All Now!"
The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies gets it's first Writer-in-Residence
Jeet Thayil's 'Narcopolis' wins the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2013
General J J Singh's Autobiography Launched, 25th June 2012
New Literary Prize for Black & Asian Women
Asian writers recognised in University of Leicester online gallery
Asian journalist launches 'Geek Nation', an insight into Indian Science
Vatayan Poetry Award 2011 to Javed Akhtar & Prasoon Joshi
Faiz Ahmed Faiz Centenary Celebrations, 12th - 18th June 2011
India's first female barrister Cornelia Sorabji celebrated, 1st June 2011
Sita Brahmachari Scoops Waterstone's Children's Book Prize 2011
'Woman: Acceptable Exploitation for Profit' by Shreela Flather
India Calling by Anand Giridharadass, Out 4 February 2011
University of Leicester uncovering local literary talent
'India: A Portrait' by Patrick French, UK Release 27 January 2011
H.M Naqvi wins the $50,000 DSC South Asian Literature Prize
Hanif Kureishi wins the PEN Pinter Prize 2010
India takes the 'Global Reads' Poll by Storm
Hanif's 'A Case of Exploding Mangoes' wins Commonwealth Best First Book Prize
Jhumpa Lahiri wins Commonwealth Writer's Prize 2009 (Europe & South Asia)
'The White Tiger' by Aravind Adiga wins the 2008 Man Booker Prize for Fiction
Rushdie's 'Midnight's Children is voted 'Best of the Bookers'

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