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Music -> Eastern Electronic Festival: 28 February - 5 March 2011
Eastern Electronic Festival
28 February - 5 March 2011

Travels of an Asian Rockstar. Exclusive artwork created by SKA for the Eastern Electronic FestivalFeaturing a host of stars, the Eastern Electronic Festival runs across Birmingham from 28th February until 5th March 2011.Curated and produced by Birmingham-based Shaanti 11, the festival features a range of events and projects targeted at young people. The festival includes live performances, film screenings, panel discussions, new music and commissions, art and visual exhibitions and dance performances. To commemorate the launch of the festival, visual artist SKA again provides an exclusive signature print (pictured above left) from her up-and-coming new art collection titled "Travels of an Asian Rock-Star." SKA's work deals with ideas of love, movement, music and symbolism and her latest print is available free.

The Eastern Electronic Festival sees performances by:

* Swati Natekar (Singer behind "Nadia' by Nitin Sawhney)
* Sanchita Farruque (Singer)
* Drum ‘n’ Bass / Dubstep producer Sukh Knight
* Rapper V-Don
* Gese & Osmani Soundz (Nasha)
* Panjabi MC
* Transglobal Underground
* Ranvir Verma from Universal Taal Project
* Shammi Pithia & Flux whose hybrid of sounds includes Western and Indian Classical/Folk, and Jazz
* Bhupinder (Violinist)
* Kamaljeet Ajimal (Santoor- Indian stringed musical instrument)
* Greg Rowlson (Drums)
* International producer Juttla
* Nona Kaira (Singer)
* High Rolla (Drums)
* Sticky Fingers (Tabla)
* International contemporary dancer Nanoo
* Former Asian Dub Foundation member Pandit G presents A.G.N.I – Angry Generations Needs Inspiration
* Guitar based band Khaliq
* Folk/Electronica & Drum and Bass band Neeta
* Ministry of Dhol
* Panjabi By Nature
* Fluid
* Nameless
* Saxophone player Trav ‘saXingh’ Panesar (worked with Hed Kandi)
* Featuring work by film director Mandeep Singh Juttla
* Live-music photographer Gobinder Jhitta
* VJ-Visual artists Coco Edwards
* Contemporary conceptual artist Kulwinder Bajar
* Multi-instrumentalist Renu Hossain
* Bhangra Singer Regi
* Jazz artists Nishad and vocalist and songwriter Sonia Panesar
* Hindi vocalist Rita Morar
* Sitar player Kiranjit Dharni
* DJ Chaand

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