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Food & Drink -> Food Entrepreneur wins AoC Gold Award
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(5 June 2005)

Shelim HussainShelim Hussain MBE, founder of Eurofoods one of the countries fastest growing frozen foods distributors, has successfully won the AoC Gold Award for Further Education Alumni 2005. The winners of the Award have attended college, received public recognition and made a major contribution in their field. Previous winners include Betty Boothroyd, former speaker of the House of Commons who received the award in 1996 and Jimmy Choo, Footwear designer and manufacturer in 2000.

Shelim has been quietly making a name for himself as one of the most talented entrepreneurs in the UK ever since he sold his first box of frozen prawns in January 1993. As Chairman of Eurofoods he has become a respected businessman both within the Bangladeshi Community and within the UK Business Community due to his acute commercial acumen and sensitive approach to business.

Born in Bangladesh in 1973, Shelim was brought to the UK by his aunt and uncle in 1985. After a year of living in London his uncle moved to Cardiff in 1986 and he was enrolled at Cathays High School. Whilst studying for his A Levels at Coleg Glan Hafren Shelim gained employment, to support himself through school, working evenings in a local restaurant. It is here that Shelim noticed a gap in the market for high quality, naturally produced frozen produce for ethnic restaurants after hearing that the restaurant's seafood supplier had ceased trading.

Newport based Eurofoods, has now become one of the leading manufacturers, processors, importers and distributors of frozen seafood, meat, poultry, dry goods and other products across Europe.

Shelim Hussain MBE, says of winning the award; ' I was delighted to be recognised for my achievements and am very proud of all we have accomplished with Eurofoods. I look back at my time at college with very fond memories and realise the importance of further education not only academically but helping to create more rounded individuals with life skills.'

The AoC Gold Award for Further Education Alumni 2005 will be officially presented to Shelim Hussain MBE at the House of Commons on Tuesday 14 June 2005.


AoC is the representative body for colleges of further education. Established in 1996 by the colleges themselves to provide a voice for further education at national and regional levels. They serve over 4 Million learners participating in further education and training, offering lifelong opportunities for school-leavers and adults, over vast ranges of academic and vocational qualifications.



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