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News ->Advertisers can now target nearly 1 million British Asians online

}Advertisers can now target nearly 1 million British Asians online
(7 July 2008)

Jay Rai & Murly Tiwari of Indoor Media.Advertisers can now target nearly 1million British Asians online through Indoor Media, the UK's first online sales specialists targeting the British Asian community. The company celebrated its first anniversary on July 7th 2008, notching a number of achievements including tripling the number of unique users it reaches, signing up over 125 websites and over 30 publishers including

The company, which was set up by Murly Tiwari and Jay Rai, now has 850,000 unique British Asian users, representing almost half of all UK online Asian adults. With high-earning British Asians being predisposed to aspirational brands, advertisers like Mercedes, iPhone and Barclays have sought out the services of Indoor Media and have found the results to be both effective and lucrative for their business. The network has also been used by public sector organisations National Blood Service, Diabetes UK, and Food Standard Agency to reach this demographic.

Paul Capleton, Account Director for Daimler Chrysler, said "With Indoor Media's expertise in targeting this hard to reach audience, we were able to deliver a successful campaign. We expect to continue communicating to this lucrative audience via Indoor Media".

Indoor Media has built AdMasala, an open ad network of premium Asian content websites, to create a single buying point for media buyers and now represents over 125 sites and has exclusive partnerships with the likes of The Times of India, India's largest newspaper group and Rediff, India's largest ISP and Web18, one of India's largest publishing companies.

Murly Tiwari, Managing Director of Indoor Media said "we have accomplished so much in this first year. There are numerous sales networks and advertising representation businesses, but we are the first dedicated central point of contact for national and international brands who want to target British Asian consumers via the web."

Jay Rai, Sales and Marketing Director, Indoor Media added "mainstream advertisers are learning that by making subtle changes to the message to reflect the audience, they can achieve better results and Indoor Media is helping them reach those audiences directly. After achieving so much in our first year, we are confident that the next year is going to be even more successful, for both us and our clients".


Murly Tiwari, Founder and Managing Director of Indoor Media has been in senior level advertising for the for over 20 years, with senior positions within companies including 24/7 Real Media, bought in 2007 by WPP Group, and prior to that AdTech, another ad technology provider.

Jay Rai, Founder and Sales and Marketing Director of Indoor Media is a veteran in online advertising, having held senior management positions with a number of leading web publishers since 1995. Positions have included Head of Sales at Wisden Cricinfo, which was sold to ESPN in 2007, and, the news channel.

Jay and Murly launched Indoor Media after having discovered in a chance conversation that they were both looking at the same business idea, but from different sides of the media equation. Jay had tuned into the growing demand from advertisers wanting to target ethnic and was looking to create a more efficient media buying solution, whilst Murly had realised the potential of the untapped UK inventory of the numerous Asian based websites and held the technical expertise to build such a network. As the two had initially met on 7 January 2007, they decided to launch the business on 7 July 2007.

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