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UK South Asian Personalities
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Lucky Dhillon, radio and TV presenter and businesswoman, Hayes, Middlesex

Lucky DhillonLucky, devoted Mum of two has worked professionally in the Asian media for more than 20 years. Born in Amritsar, India, she first appeared on radio on a children's show at the age of nine. At the age of 13 Lucky moved to London to complete her education and devoted spare time to her interests in the media. Lucky wanted to pursue a career in singing but her family had more traditional plans for her and she became a full time disability worker. During this time she started producing and presenting a daily talk show on Sina Radio. After a year they went for a 24-hour radio license and in 1989 the station became Sunrise Radio, the first UK independent radio station specifically for the Asian community. By 1994 Sunrise was at its peak and its license extended all over the UK, Europe and Mauritius. Lucky played a crucial role in the stations success.

In 1996 Lucky left Sunrise Radio and set up her own company and produced two original programmes, including 'Amrit Vela' which was a phenomenal success for Spectrum Radio. It was the first ever programme to transmit daily from the Golden Temple and the show has now been going for over 10 years. Diagnosed with cancer in 2005 Lucky honoured her commitment to raise funds for the first Gurdwara built in Lahore, Pakistan since 1947.



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